Vulgar and Scandalous Trademarks given the Green Light

THE "SLANTS" Decision of 2017 In 2017, the US Federal Court  decision in Matal v. Tam (i.e., the "Slants case") (see our previous Post) ruled that  the ban on  registration of disparaging trademarks under § 2(a) of the Lanham Act (Trademark Act) was  an unconstitutional restriction on free speech. 

Recently, the  US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit took up a similar constitutionality question. The bar on registration of trademar

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What is the cost of registering a trademark?

Many people worry hiring an attorney will cost them an arm and a leg. Many internet searches ask "what is the cost of registering a trademark?"

It looks easy enough to go online and fill in some forms. Why not do it themselves? What have they got to lose?

The truth is a lot. Many realize, too late, that NOT hiring an attorney was a costly mistake.

An experienced trademark attorney knows how to search the USPTO

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